Motor Vehicle Registration Information

When doing a car registration, please have available the following:

  1. Current yellow registration
  2. Current insurance card
  3. Current mileage

Method of Payment, we accept...

  • Cash & Checks - Made out to Town of Otisfield
  • Credit & Debit Cards - A surcharge is added

When doing a NEW car registration you will need:

  • Blue copy of certificate of title
  • Dealer’s certificate showing proof of sales tax
  • Window sticker from the vehicle
  • A current insurance card and mileage

If registering a vehicle for the first time from a private sale, you will need to have the certificate of title signed over on the back from the sellers in the designated section on all vehicles 1995 and newer, a bill of sale, and a current insurance car with the correct vehicle identification number and mileage.

If doing a transfer, you will need to turn in the yellow registration to be used for transfer credit.

Out-of-state registrants will need current registrations, a current insurance card acceptable to Maine's requirements, title of the vehicle or proof of ownership, If you have lien on the vehicle you must bring in lien holders information for Maine to update title 

For Motor Vehicle Branch Offices and Mobile Unit Locations, you may contact the Maine Department of the Secretary of State Bureau of Motor Vehicles at:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask or call (207) 539-2664.