About the Otisfield Conservation Committee

The Otisfield Conservation Committee (OCC) was formed in spring of 2007, and held its first meeting in July, 2007. The OCC meets in a public forum the 4th Tuesday of every other month, at Otisfield Town Hall. The Friends of OCC are an associate group of conservation oriented year round and seasonal residents that support the OCC's mission.

The Otisfield Board of Selectmen (BOS) will alert the OCC to upcoming conservation issues, and it is the duty of the OCC to provide the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and the town with information and advice on such conservation issues via regular contact with the BOS and appropriate boards so that all may stay informed about the issues.

The OCC will provide general educational material via its webpage on the town website, the bulletin board and brochures in Town Hall. The OCC webpage will post the minutes of meetings beginning January 2011. Previous minutes are found in the OCC's filing cabinet at town hall.

Information will include conserving the native biota, green space, wildlife corridors, vernal pools, sense of place, issues regarding lake and river qualities and wider ranging conservation efforts. Non native invasive species, both aquatic and terrestrial, will be monitored and the OCC will provide educational materials and information to the town and residents.